Custom Black Wine Glass

Custom Black Wine Glass

Custom Black Wine Glass


The Black Wine Glass is the essential tool to taste the best wine, our personalized Black Wine Goblet is a perfect gift idea for all wine lovers.

You can customize the tasting black glass with a name, initials or a small logo! Create your personalized wine goblet now, or your pair of wine goblets.

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Custom Black Wine Glass

The choice of a correct wine glass is fundamental to enhance the qualities of the wine, be it white or red. The taste and aromas that the wine emanates are enhanced by the shape and size of the glass, which is why a special glass should be used: the tasting glass.

There are all kinds and shapes of wine goblets on the market, there are larger red wine goblets, narrower white wine goblets and champagne goblets such as flute or goblet. But do you have to have a house full of different goblets in order to taste a wine at its best?

There is no need to buy all types of wine goblets, just one that presents the right compromise between the characteristics suitable to be a red wine goblet and a white wine goblet, the so-called tasting goblet of sommeliers.

With our crystal wine goblet you can make the most of most of the wines on the market and laser engraving it will make a great impression on your guests or you can create a perfect gift idea to amaze the recipient.


Customize the tasting glass:

To create your personalized wine glass click on the CUSTOMIZE me button and make the wine glass as you prefer!

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