Vintage wine gifts are perfect for commemorating this special day in style!

And if you're searching for a gift for your husband or wife or looking to buy the happy couple something with that personal touch, this is the right place!

So whether it's the silver, gold or diamond wedding anniversary, we've got vintage wine gifts for every year that are sure to put a smile on their face! 

To make your anniversary vintage wine gift even more special, add a special engraving on wooden wine box to enclose and display a bottle for a very special year. We offer a wide range of wooden box  that can be personalised with photos, written notes or dedication.

This is the occasion to say "the year we got married, the best year ever" with a memorable vintage wine gift!


An unforgettable anniversary gift, a bottle of the year of engagement or wedding with a personalized box. Discover the available vintages and create a unique and exciting thought. Our vintage wines are collectible bottles and gift wines for a special anniversary. Choose the vintage, find the bottle and make an unforgettable anniversary gift. Giving a vintage bottle is a romantic gesture, because it contains memories, emotions, feelings, of a time spent and far away and brings them to mind. They will be memorable anniversary wishes!


For a truly special and romantic anniversary gift, give something unique for an even more amazing surprise! Among our proposals for a perfect anniversary you will find not only personalized vintage bottles, wooden wine boxes but also personalized wine accessories to complete the gift. Custom corkscrew, custom chalice, champagne saber, sommelier saber and many other accessories to make your anniversary gift memorable.


Say it with a bottle of wine! Create your own bottle of wine in just a few clicks. Choose wine, customize the label and surprise with a gift for a special anniversary of engagement or wedding. Customize the label with your dedication or a souvenir photo. Add custom wooden wine box to make your anniversary gift, perfect! It’s a romantic, original, personalized gift for a wedding anniversary or to celebrate years of love.

How does it work?

OohWine has an easy process to customise your wooden wine box and make your Anniversary wine gift perfect


We have a wide selection of vintage wines. Who wouldn't love to receive a vintage wine of the year of their birth? Make sure to select the right vintage! Choose the wooden wine box to enclose and display your special gift. Be creative and create your own design!


Your gift deserve to be displayed, properly. Customise the wooden wine box to display your amazing vintage wine gift. Make your gift even more special, customise with a special engraving. Personalise the wooden wine box with logos, pictures or phrases.


Send your personalized vintage wine gift straight to their door. We package every vintage wine gift safely, we wrap your bottle with care. Your loved ones will receive the bottle inside the wooden box the surprise effect is guaranteed!

Why choose oohWine?

We customise with care every gift to make your Anniversary gift unique and special.

At oohWine our mission is to share joy and make your dearest ones happy!

How do we reach this goal? Vintage wine as gift is the answer.

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