Vintage wines for gift

Do you really know what a vintage wine is? 

Vintage wine is not necessarily a wine to be tasted. Vintage wine is more an emotion, a letter from the past, full of memories and stories. 

It is a real collector’s item, a kind of antique of great value.

A bottle of vintage wine as gift is a journey into the past. It contains memories, emotions and feelings of a distant time. It doesn't matter if the receiver of your gift is a wine lover or if the bottle is still drinkable. 

Vintage wine is pure joy to collect. Never trust anyone who wants to sell you a vintage wine assuring it is great to drink! 

While it’s not possible to guarantee a vintage wine is still at its best one thing is certain: everyone absolutely everyone, would feel a warm glow of emotion to receive a personalised wine box with a bottle of vintage wine from a very special year! 

A special gift with a special packaging. Choose a custom-engraved wine box. Customize your wooden wine box with: pictures, logos, inscriptions or phrases for every occasion! 

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